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Who We Are, Where We've Been

On this page we'll provide some history about our organization. It all started forty years ago with a group of campers who worked out road repair. Then when the dam was purchased and money raised to replace it, the group became more organized! Now funding for riparian buffers and other conservation tweaking is underway. Non source point pollution (run off from the watershed) and silt is the major concern.
Small town grants to update septics are already set up in New Limerick and Linneus. Signage for 911 is done.
This image is a road thru the Drews Mountain 40 acre lot subdivision. Some of this road network helped make living on parts of the south shore road possible with a new winter road that lessens one major hill half way in by offering a way around it! Eight year round households are  on the south shore, thirty nine on the easier access north shore at this time.


Hiking, Hunting, Four Wheeling And Snowsledding Done On Drews Mountain!