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The Little Lake Is The First Portion Of Drews That Contains The Split From North To South Shore. This Is The Area When The Public Lake Road Ends. The Boat Launch With Cement Pads is Located On the Little Lake Next To The Outlet That Forms The Head Waters of The Meduxnkeag River! The DLPOA Raised $12,000 And Purchased The Old State Dam For One Dollar. It Was Removed In The Early 80's And Replaced With A Concrete Structure With Wooden Deck.

Whole Other World In The Fishing Grounds ! Hidden!

The Fishing Grounds Is Actually In Oakfield!

As A Boater Launches From the Public Landing In The Little Lake, He or She Heads West Passing Two Islands. A Cottage Is On One Of These Privately Owned Islands. There Are Two More Islands In Drews Lake. One As You Leave The Little Lake, And Another In A Region Known As Big Sand Cove In The Big Lake, Off Holmes Harbor. Another Single Rock Formation Roughly Three Feet Above The Water And Twenty Feet Long Is Known As "White Horse Rock". It Is Located At The Entrance Of A Small Cove On the Big Lake.


Drews Lake Is 1057 Acres Large And In Three Townships! Snow
Sled Trails Abound And We Don't Hibernate In Winter! Ice
Fishing Is Big Too!


Around This Point On The
South Shore Is The "Fishing
Grounds". The Loons Are Safe
From Boats As Only The Smaller
Fishing Variety Craft Venture
Thru This Region!


Learn About Lake Protection!


Lake Association Dues Are Only $10 Per Year! The North And South Shores Assess Road Repair Dues Ranging From $35 And Up Depending If You Are A Year Round User Or Not!


Views Abound From The
Top Of Drews Mountain And
Surroundings!  Mt Katahdin
Is Maine's Highest Mountain!  Just
Shy Of A Mile High! Enjoy Hiking
The Trails And The Scenery!

Baxter Brook Around The Corner From Tall Timber
Lodge Is A Common Spot For Moose & Other Wildlife!
This Is Where You Find The Brook Trout!


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