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Kayaking In Early Evening Can Become Addictive!

2007 Annual Drews Lake Property Owners Meeting Was July 5th at 6 pm at the New Limerick Town Office! Game Warden Ben Drews Update Members On New Laws, And Offered A Valuable "Ask The Warden" Segment For Our Annual Meeting! 
The Annual DLPOA Meeting Is Usually Around July 4th When The Most Folks Are Usually Around The Lake!  We Enjoy Getting Together To Learn From Game Wardens, Soil Conservation And Other Agencies That Make Protect And Police The Lake Community. One Meeting Warden Scott Martin Outlined New Rules And Regulations!  Everyone Is Concerned About Eurasian Milfoil That Has Choked Lakes In All The Northeastern States Except Maine!  Warden Martin Also Gave Us  An Update On His Efforts To Relocate Beavers That Have Been A Nusiance Around Some Coves In The Lake!  Another Meeting We Enjoyed Comments From Angie Reed Of The Organization For Watershed Living.  Aerial Maps And High Tech Imaging To Plot The Trails Along The Meduxnekeag River Project Are Also Being Worked On!  Much Of What OWL Does Dovetails Nicely With Our Efforts To Work On Non Source Point Polution From Other Areas In The Watershed. Plan To Be At The Next New Limerick Town Office Meeting In July Of 2006!  All Attending Members Agree It Is Good To Learn About Projects Before Summer Gets Underway And More And More Campers Are Away Or Busy!  Cutting On Drews Mountain Is A Concern As Plumes Of Silt Are Not Something From Harvesting Anyone Wants To See Land In The Lake!
In 2004 The DLPOA Won A $60,000 Grant To Beef Up Drainage And To Protect/Reduce Non Source Point Pollution   (Erosion Of Silt  Around Lake)!  President Andy Mooers Reports That Another $50,000 Is Being Pursued Thru Soil Conservation And The DEP For Vegatative Buffers To Be Planted Along Shore Line To Stabilize The Soil And Prevent Erosion. Stay Tuned For More On This Grant. Email Mooers at info@mooersrealty.com For Latest Developments Around The Lake!

Tubing, Knee Boarding, Water Skiing...Lake Fun!

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4/17/2002 Annual Drews Lake Owner Association Meeting

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