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Northern Maine Soap Box Derby
Derby Wish List!

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What Would The NMSBD Like Santa To Bring Us For Christmas? Hmmmmm..We Have New Digital Scales. We Have Tail Weight Scales.

1)How About Wireless Mics And A Low Power FM Transmitter So Gram & Gramp Can Listen In Their Car While They Watch? It Would Broadcast To A Quarter Of Mile Around The Track And Eliminate Lots Of Wires And Avoid "Dead Spots" (Handy For Driver/Parents In The Tech Areas To Tune In Too!)

2) More $1000 Sponsors To Sign Up For Support

3) Vittles For The Awards Banquet/After Race Feeding Frenzy! We Feed 180+ Racers AND Their Families! YIKES! Over 600 Hot Dogs, A Gizzlion Pizzas, Mile Long Subway Sandwiches, Lemonade, Ice Cream, Chips, Power Ade, etc. Anything We Can Get Donated To Quench That Hunger Is Appreciated And Will Be So Noted!

4) We'll Think Of More And Posted It Here For You!